Theadbare Supply Co. makes the tough, pretty things you want to wear all the time. 

We sketch, design, dye, knit, and assemble everything in Brooklyn, NY, under the careful watch of our dog, Oscar. Through small-batch production we can ensure that each piece is special, and that attention can be paid to all the details, making sure you love the pieces until they're threadbare.

And we love making vintage-inspired jewelry, hand-knit cowls, and beautiful printed textiles. Our jewelry features piled-on chains, crystals, and vintage finds, while our knit pieces feature hand-worked details in luxurious fiber. All our pieces are feminine with bits and pieces borrowed from the boys.

About Sara

Sara Lugo, designer and owner of Threadbare Supply Co., always loved making things, from building intricate dioramas of underwater caves to sewing (in hindsight) embarrasing Halloween costumes. Somewhere along the way she found herself in a tiny studio in Florence, Italy, learning to make jweelry at a bench and to paint textiles using ancient methods—this was where she figured out exactly what it was she was always meant to make.

Sara finds inspiration in whimsical bedtime stores, the beauty in nature, and the pairing of contrasts.

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